Cheap KNOCKOFF lures vs expensive lures UNDERWATER

Knockoff lure action versus original lures action underwater footage in a pool. We got saltwater lures, we got bass fishing lures. Stuff for redfish and trout and bass as well. Popping corks, shrimp lures, suspending lures, crazy lures, spinnerbaits, bass baits etc.


0:34 “Cork lures” – Paul brown vs Tsunami knockoff
1:57 Weedless spoons – Johnson silver minnow vs Gator spoon
3:43 Spinnerbaits – Strike king banshee vs Walmart $1 spinner vs pepper customs
5:49 Popping cork – Doa shrimp vs savage gear TPE 3d shrimp
6:47 Spoon under poppin cork?
7:45 Spro bz-1 rat
8:43 Bass pro Double bait thing?