wade fishing can be DANGEROUS!

Went wade fishing with dad again and whenever we get together it always seems like there’s more “interesting” wildlife in out way. We headed out towards St. jose shoreline and hoped out of the boat to wade and do some trout fishing. It has some nice grass line and potholes. Dude when I use after effects my computer just can’t handle it and crashes every hour and that’s quick because I can only do one little thing on ae in an hour because my laptop is slowly dying, it can’t even scrub through footage much less play it back even at 1/4 res and skipping frames so when I wan’t to see what I did I have to go back to Premiere pro and then render it and that’s why some of the timings are off cause I wanted to get this video out already. Might to back to movie maker. Fishing was actually pretty slow there maybe cause the mystery creature was eating up the trout.

lazy on the river – joeypecoraro
castle wars – osrsbeatz