First Time Fishing a New Spot, Caught My Biggest Ever!

This year I have been exploring new places looking for action in unlikely spots, on this day I snooped around a random beach at first light hoping to find some Albies and sure enough within 5 minutes of fishing I saw what I was hoping for, 2 small albies cruising the beach lip popping on spearing. It wasn’t on fire but I ended up catching 4 albies, the last one being my PB at 10.5lbs, the soft plastic seemed to draw more strikes than the epoxy as has been the case for me all season. All my strikes were in 3′ of water or less. The first 2 fish were both sightcasted but then the fish stopped showing and got the last 2 on the Blind. The action went stone cold once I got back from weighing in the last fish, and of coarse I had to return the following day, thinking I may have stumbled into a goldmine, but low and behold, each time I came back, I skunked.

Rod is a Custom from

Reel is a Penn Slammer 3 4500

Line – Sufix 832 20lb

Leader – 20lb seagaur

albie snax-