Korda Carp Fishing – Masterclass Vol 5 OFFICIAL TRAILER

Korda Carp Fishing – Masterclass Vol 5 is ready to launch. Available ONLINE at 6:00PM on SUNDAY 21st JANUARY 2018. Five chapters of MUST-WATCH footage packed with the latest carp fishing tackle, tactics and tips from the likes of Danny Fairbrass, Neil Spooner, Tom Dove and Darrell Peck!

CHAPTER 1: Approaching a New Water featuring Danny Fairbrass
Danny Fairbrass embarks on a mission to unlock the secrets of a new English syndicate water in this dynamic journey of discovery, culminating in the capture of a totally unknown monster…

CHAPTER 2: No privileges Day Ticket Water featuring Darrell Peck
Darrell Peck is among the best anglers in the country and we follow him as he tackles Bluebell’s Kingfisher Lake in search of one of the 19 forties that reside there. No roped swims, no pre-baiting, no privileges…

CHAPTER 3: Spinner / Ronnie Rig featuring Tom Dove
The rig of the moment! Tom Dove takes us through his favourite presentation in minute detail and uses it to snare a stunning UK big ‘un. He explains the history and mechanics behind the rig, and how to tie it effectively.

CHAPTER 4: Back to Basix featuring Neil Spooner
In the first of a new series Neil Spooner coaches his mate AJ to the capture of a stunning 20lb’er. He covers the basics from putting line on the reel to feeling the lead hit the bottom. A must see for newcomers and the experienced alike.

CHAPTER 5: Deep Lakes featuring Danny Fairbrass
Danny Fairbrass unravels the mystery of deep waters. How far does the lead swing back on the cast? How do you stop your bait rolling away from your rig? What depth should I look to fish in each season? Danny answers all this and more.


Available SUNDAY 21st JANUARY 2018 for FREE, at the click of a button, on korda.co.uk and YouTube! The annual FREE DVDs will begin filtering into Korda stockists throughout February and beyond!


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