Hooked a Monster and it Broke the Hook! – ft. Lawson Bates – 4K

I went land-based fishing for sharks with Reality TV stars Lawson and Nathan Bates and we hooked a monster! Once we pulled into the parking lot, the fishing was going off! There were thousands of jack crevalles feeding on a huge school of mullet. We caught over a dozen jacks and then switched gears and started shark fishing. Lawson hooked the first shark and it was a monster! The shark nearly spooled the Shimano Stella 20000 reel! While Lawson was fighting the shark, the line went slack. I reeled in the line and we discovered that the shark broke (straightened) the hook. It was upsetting for Lawson, but this didn’t discourage Nathan from getting a shark. Within an hour, Nathan was hooked up to our second shark of the day.