Fish Hunting,,catching lot of fish by hand from mud water,,imagining skill man fishing

Fishing is my hobby. In this video, I am showing the traditional fishing in various country. Like Bangladesh, india, and Cambodia river fishing style. It is a successful mixed farming project.Farm location Bangladesh Tangail district, Moytha village. Lot’s of big Fishes catches by people. Really amazing and enjoyable Fishing. Don’t miss it. Here The Village people catching fish. Also here I am showing the traditional fishing of an area of Bangladesh river fishing. Which the same fishing style of Cambodia.india. today fisherman catching big catfish and lot of small fish. here lot of big catfish slive fish, katla fish pangas and big black carp fish so that they transfer another showing how to catching fish from a muddy pond.People Catching catfish by hand In Mud water pond. This Fish farming project in Bangladesh,