Dumbo Octopus Facts!

Female Dumbo Octopuses can get pregnant while being pregnant. WHAT?! Multiple eggs at various developmental stages have been found in dissected females, meaning they presumably lay eggs all year long instead of having a breeding season.

Length of the hatching period is unknown because of the sheer depth these creatures are born at.

Female Dumbo Octopuses do not take raise their youngsters- they lay late stage eggs underneath rocks and shells and leave them to fend for themselves.

Newly born Dumbo Octopuses are large in size, well developed and able to survive on their own.

Dumbo octopus swallow their prey whole. For that reason, size of the prey never exceeds 1-2 mm.

Their Arms and flippers are used for swimming. The arms are also equipped with small harpoon-like barbs designed to hold their prey.
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