Big Bait means Big Fish – CATCHING DINNER

EDIT – it is not illegal to take a goliath grouper out of the water. Look it up on the FWC website. It is illegal to take a large goliath grouper out of the water. I would hardly consider a 40 pound fish large when they grow up to 600+ pounds. the reason for this rule is because the skeletal structure cannot support the fishes wait out of water. A 40lb fish does not have enough weight to do any damage when handled correctly. So, before you go jumping up and down claiming something’s illegal know the rules. I’m out on the water just about every day and I make sure that what I’m doing is legal and ethical. If you have an issue with catching a fish with no intention of keeping it make sure you jump around on every Tarpon, Bonefish, and Marlin video you see and tell those people what monsters they are. That is all.

***Big Bait means Big Fish – CATCHING DINNER***
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The Snook were chewing good so I had to bust out the camera. After we ran out of bait I dropped down a Jack to see any Goliaths were home… they were.