Deep sea fishing to stand up and fight

I fought with hand-held fishing rod using electric reel, standing bottom fishing

The Okinawa Islands in Japan is a good fishing ground of deep sea fishing.
Fishing targets are mainly Queen Snapper (Long Tailed red snapper) & Grouper.
Expensive and tasty fish fishing here deep sea.
I will explore near the ocean floor with a lot of fishing hooks
A deep sea fishing longline fishing requires a high performance electric reel
Daiwa, Shimano, Miyamae, Made in Japan, high performance electric reel
Introducing how to fish high quality fish, introducing fish species to catch, and video of fish dishes.

Japanese style fishing Movie
Angling & Fishing videos

Japanese Deep Sea Fishing

Use electric reels to do deep sea fishing

I catch it with a vertical longline from a fishing boat
Queen Snapper Fishing