How to Rig Live Shrimp for Fishing – Most Effective Technique!

Here is a great in depth tutorial on how to rig live shrimp for fishing. Shrimp is one of the most effective baits you can use, rigging them naturally will help trigger the most aggressive strikes while helping your hook up ratio. For the first rigging technique, I demonstrate how to hook a live or whole shrimp in the horn, after the gaglion. This technique allows for complete range of motion and give the most natural presentation without harming the shrimp.

The second technique is to run the hook from bottom to top through the tail and out the back. This is a great technique to hide the hook and give a great flicking motion from the shrimp. I also favor this rigging style because of the ease of casting.

The third technique is similar to the second but instead of running the hook through the bottom to the top you hook the side of the tail.

Lastly, probably the most gruesome is removing the tail and running the hook through the shrimp and pulling the barb out of the under side of the shrimp. This way the bait cast well but also allows scent to flow through the water column attracting larger prey.

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