How to tie a Combi Hinged stiff rig – Carp rigs – By Angling Iron

Learn how to tie this great variation of the Hinged stiff rig. using bristle filament, coated braid and the Mahin knot. Watch in HD as Angling Iron ( show you the knots and components used to tie this very effective carp fishing rig.

What tools you’ll need – Scissors, Knot puller, Coated braid stripping tool, Lighter, Pliers

What Components you’ll need – Bristle/Chod filament, A coated braid (preferably stiff coated braid) Chod hooks and a bait screw/micro swivel/Rig ring.

To buy Components for this rig, including the incredibly sharp and strong Duropoint Chod hooks and bait screws featured in this video visit