Fishing for Invasive Northern Snakehead | Field Trips Virginia

In part 1 of this 4-part series, I’m chasing the invasive, ferocious and controversial Northern snakehead in Virginia. These fish were introduced into the U.S. from North Korea and China, and many believe they are going to destroy the local waterways of Virginia and Maryland. Others aren’t so sure. Yet the witch hunt for these fish remains, with many insisting that every specimen be killed no matter what.

In this series, I’ll be trying to get to the bottom of the snakehead debate, starting off fishing for them with Haleigh Kilby and Jonathan Leavitt in this episode.

Then we’ll cook a couple up in episode 2 (spoiler: they are DELICIOUS) before joining John Odenkirk, a biologist with the Virginia Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries, on a shocking trip to learn more about the species and how biologists study invasive species in episode 3. Finally, we’ll head back out to chase these fish with all the knowledge we’ve gained to see if we can land a monster.

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