Beach fishing: Easy bait to catch fish fast!

Buy: Looking for bait for beach fishing? We are on the beach fishing with Salt Clams as bait.They claim that their baits are so tough that they will stay on until you catch your target species. We are here to see if that is true. Beach fishing can be very simple if you are using the right bait, the right rig and if you are at the right location.
We are using cut bait. However this is no ordinary bait. These are SALT CLAMS. Which are essentially clams that are preserved in salt. They hold in your tackle box for weeks at a time, they aren’t messy, hardly stinky, they are tough so that fish can’t snatch it off your hook and most importantly they will catch you fish! Lots of fish. Many Kinds of fish. No joke. Follow us this week as we surf fish for as many species of fish as we can catch. Learn what rigs we use, how to use cutbait and how to have a great time fishing.