CRAZIEST Ice Fishing Day of my Life!!! (SIGHT-FISHING Through the Ice)

BY FAR THE MOST INSANE DAY OF ICE FISHING I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED!!! Traveling to a lake I’ve never once been to or even heard of, I started the day equipped with my gear and hopes of finding some good fish under the ice. As expected, I struggled at the beginning trying to figure out a pattern in the new waters, but my luck started to change after I ran into a sub who knew the lake well. Persistence was key, and even though I was freezing, exhausted, and could hardly move after 8 hours of drilling holes and lugging around my gear, the last 10 minutes of the day proved that persistence and determination don’t go unrewarded xD Be Sure to SUBSCRIBE for New Videos Every Week!!! (for real) Please buy the proper gear before ice fishing!!!