Hooked in the Knee Cap! Kayak Fishing Gone Wrong

*Viewer discretion advised. Went Kayak Fishing in the Swamp for an afternoon recently, the plan was to target bowfin to make a prehistoric fish video.. Before we even started fishing for fins, I took a Whopper Plopper to the Knee.. the hook went in pretty deep, and it was under the knee cap, making the old pop and snip trick futile. I’ve seen the braid-shank-rip trick used before during striper blitzes when people hook their hands, thought that would work, but I messed it up and wasn’t willing to try it a 2nd time. Ended up yanking on it with pliers for the win. By days end, some largemouth bass was all we could catch. Overall an enjoyable day in the swamp despite the slow fishing and the many adversities that come with kayak fishing.