How to Tie Apollo Rig, Catch, Fillet, Cook Barramundi S6Ep9 ONZZ Fishing Singapore

To skip the rig tying, jump straight to 4:47 of the video.

Today, I demonstrate how I tie my special single hook Apollo rig with the MUSTAD 3/0 Octopus Hooks for Barramundi and other strong fish. This is probably the strongest Apollo fishing rig possible because there is only a single line straight through to the hook. The triple surgeon’s knot only leads to the weight.

On top of that, I bring a bunch of my international friends around Pulau Ubin to catch several Barramundi, and eat them, of course.

At the end, I demonstrate how I fillet a Barramundi with my MUSTAD filleting knife, and pan fry a crispy skin Barramundi fillet. This episode IS the whole package!