First Time Tuna Fishing, Had to Eat The Heart! New Jersey Offshore Fishing

The universe put me on a boat 50 miles out in the ocean off New Jersey with an experienced captain, and I was able to reel in a couple tuna. My buddy Chase Mako was supposed to go but had to work and asked me if I could fill his spot, very short notice, and I said sure. Spreader bars and cedar plugs caught us 5 yellowfins, all the tuna’s stomachs were packed with interesting contents. Also as per tradition, had to at least attempt to eat the heart of my first tuna… it was nasty. We had a couple bites from white marlin but both popped off, the one followed the boat for a minute before eating. My hope was that we’d find tuna feeding on top and be able to throw plugs at them but it wasn’t meant to be, trolled all day, but no complaints here as we avoided the skunk.