Sight Fishing GIANT Cobia on Stingrays and Bridges in Virginia

In this episode of BlacktipH, I fly up to Virginia in search of one of my favorite fish to catch, giant cobia! I met up at the marina with my good buddies Austin and Steve from FINAO Sportfishing Charters. We loaded up the rods, reels and camera gear and then we headed out to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. The first day began with Preston and I doubling up on smaller cobia. Preston landed his while mine popped off right alongside the boat. We spent the whole day running up and down the bridge, gazing at each pylon along the way, in hopes for a massive cobia. After seeing cobia and losing cobia throughout the day we decided to wrap it and get some sleep for tomorrow. On Day Two, we decided to fish the open water in search of rays in the ocean. Right away, Preston spotted a giant cobia just off the bow of the boat. He ran to the front, made his cast and set hook into the fish! The fish shook his head violently, then thrashed enough until the hook broke off. Both of us were devastated but we continued on with our day and decided to put the drone up. We spotted many other fish on the drone, but they didn’t eat. On Day Three, we started off fishing at the bridge. Austin spotted a giant cobia and I pitched a bait at it. Immediately, the fish inhaled the eel and the fight was on! After a long fight, Stephen netted the fish and brought it into the boat! Virginia was awesome and I can’t thank Austin and Steve enough for showing us what their waters have to offer. We arrived back at the dock with some good dinner, and our heads held high. We accomplished what we came up to Virginia for, to catch giant cobias!