This Fish was Massive!!

On the first day of our fishing adventure, our goal was to catch some massive sharks and bonito. The sharks and bonito did not disappoint, they were everywhere (the sharks were literary lunging out of the water trying to eat our bonito). On the second day of our fishing adventure, we went fishing for giant goliath groupers on a wreck. It didn’t take long for Trace to get the first bite. The grouper fought extremely hard, literary making Trace go airborne on the rod and reel. Dylan caught the second goliath grouper and it was a monster! Both Haze and Dayson are the youngest anglers that I’ve ever seen battle a goliath grouper on rod and reel. I was very impressed by how they both handled these massive fish. Towards the end of the day, Trace hooked the absolute giant massive grouper! This fish fought extremely hard and pulling three men off their feet. After an intense fight, we landed the massive fish (estimated over 600lbs). This was one of the largest goliath groupers I’ve ever seen caught. Our fishing adventure was complete.