Fighting a 1000+lb Monster Sawfish for Hours

My buddy Max and I went fishing for tarpon, snook and blacktip sharks during the annual glass minnow migration and we hooked something much bigger than any of those species, fighting it for hours! We began the adventure by flying the drone down the beach, searching for migrating species. Immediately we found a large school of tarpon swimming towards the boat, but unfortunately, they didn’t eat. As the day went on we started to spot some blacktip sharks feeding on bait schools, but we had no luck with them. We were in need of more bait for blacktips so we headed to a nearby wreck to catch some blue runners, and have a little fun with the goliath groupers. After catching a few blue runners Max and I headed back inshore and went fishing for snook and blacktip sharks. All of a sudden, my line gets picked up and pulled away from the rocks. We fought this mysterious giant fish for nearly an hour before catching a glimpse of it. It was a monster sawfish, close to 20ft in length and over 1000lbs! Sawfish are literary one of the rarest fish on earth and this was a jumbo-sized one! I fought this fish for over two hours before hopping off on land to bring the fish safely ashore, and with two insanely strong headshakes, the giant sawfish was gone in the blink of an eye.