Catching Fish that can Fly!!

In this video, I go fishing for flying fish and other species with my good buddy Carl from Slob City Charters off the coast of Florida. Seriously, we were fishing for fish that can fly! Once we got to the fishing spot, we set up our drift, deployed the chum bag and started fishing. Within less than an hour, I spotted the first flying fish in the chum slick. I tossed a small piece of bonito for bait, and within seconds, I was hooked up to the first flying fish of the day. After catching the first flying fish, it was game on! The flying fish bite was epic! We caught seven in total. While I was fishing for flying fish, Carl caught several cobia and a few mutton snappers. After finding our bait, we set up another drift and used the flying fish for bait to catch wahoo, sailfish, and dolphin. While kite fishing, a giant hammerhead shark swam into the spread and tried to eat our kite baits. As the hammerhead shark was trying to eat our kite baits, one of the flying fish we were using for bait got hit by a dolphin. Carl reeled in the dolphin while I was trying to hook the hammerhead shark. We ended the day catching a small reef shark before heading in. It’s also a blast catching flying fish and using them for bait to work our way up the food chain.