Catching Colorful Fish and a Giant Shark!

I headed out with my buddies Tyler and Carl from Slob City in search of colorful fish and a giant shark! We began the day by putting up the kites due to the amount of wind that we had. As Tyler and Carl were watching the kite baits, I dropped a piece of chunked bonito down to the bottom, and managed to pull up a colorful Puddingwife Wrasse! It’s literally one of the most colorful fish in the ocean! (We released him later that day) As the day continued I managed to reel up a couple more Mutton Snappers, all undersized. Jared and I also hooked up to a few nice Bonito that we ended up using for shark bait at the end of the day! I finally decided to pull out the 130 and drop a big bait down, and sure enough, we hooked up to a giant lemon shark! Although it was rough conditions on the ocean, we managed to pull through with a few really neat fish, and a giant to end the day!