On the Lake. Underwater shooting catching on “Cork”. Fishing. Catching fishing

On the Lake. Underwater shooting catching on “Cork”. Fishing. Catching fishing. …. ((My channel is (mostly) the channel of the LOVER-angler or fishing- as I see it! Poklevki and catching crucian carp, carp, tilapia, ramming, tench, etc., often on float rods. And In the appendage, my homemade and experiments: shipping the float, nod, IR lights, underwater shooting … I started shooting the video just for myself, and then decided to share, so do not judge strictly … ((… float, fishing, roach, Lín, Crucian fishing , Schleie, karaś, carassin, zander, suder, lieň, crucian, snags, nibble, underwater, zeelt, perch, carp, sea roach, fish, bream fishing, video, kárász, karosai, Karausche, karp, Carp fishing,,フ ナ, 鯉, 釣 り, 钓鱼, cá, online fishing, crucian carp , perch, ram, pike perch, tench, fishing, roach, fish, pike, bream, catfish, white bream, buster, bite, fishing rod, bite, chechon, sazan, chebak, bersh, silver carp, makukha, rudd, asp, bleak, river , reservoir, estuary, ice fishing, grass carp, crucian carp bite, carp bite, tenant bite, bottom tackle, feeder, spinning, donkee, lapdog, fly fishing rod, crucian carp in the breech, crucian carp in the reeds, friction clutch …))