Catching Crazy Fish at Concrete Sunken War Ships!

I apologize for the lack of uploads recently.. heres a longer video to make up for lost time.. Romo Mike and myself went to Kiptopeke Vriginia to camp and Kayak Fish for a few days and the main target was sheepshead and cobia, we were going to fish all over the mouth of the chesapeake bay but inevitably the weather had different plans. We drove down on a wednesday night and arrived in the early morning hours and started working the ships for whatever kind of fish would cooperate, we got into a pretty good sheepshead bite that day catching about 9 of these fish between the 3 of us, we also caught tog, fluke, triggerfish and maybe some smaller more common/shittier species not seen in this video. We were exhausted by the end of the day and slept long and hard for day 2 when we paddled out to latimer shoal on a cobia prayer, and of coarse got skunked. A friendly juvenille shark bit through my anchor line, which is never good… after several futile hours of fishing out there the winds started to pick up and I headed to shore to meet up with my 2 friends where we targeted sheep on the ships again, although on day 2 the sheep bite was pretty non existent, only Mike was able to catch one… Day 3, storms popped up early morning and the radar showed more storms all over the area, it was clear we werent going to be able to fish, so we packed up camp and hit the road with no fishing on day 3. All in all, kipto is always a good time, although this is the first time we actually caught anything good out on those ships.

In past VA trips, I have noticed that the wind forecast is generally always wrong for this area, the storms seem to happen daily and the Virginia heat and humidity is always crazy. Next year Im sure we will return in search of the elusive cobia from the kayak.